Deck Installation

Expert Deck Installation & Repair Services for Homes in Springfield Illinois

At Reliable Handyman Services, our deck maintenance, repair, and installation services are backed by years of experience and training that continue to serve homeowners in Springfield, IL. Whether your deck desperately needs a refinishing service to bring back the color it’s lost over years of use, or you’re looking to install a brand-new deck from the ground up, you can rely on our handymen to get the job done right. Schedule a deck installation, repair, or maintenance service with one of our contractors and receive a free estimate on your upcoming deck project. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our services! Keep reading below to learn more.

Deck Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your residential deck, Reliable Handyman Services offers deck maintenance services for homes in Springfield, IL. The last thing you want is to pay outrageous costs for repair and replacement services that can be avoided with seasonal maintenance. A clean and reliable deck surface not only increases the look and safety of your outdoor space but will surely last longer and increase the value of your property if maintained regularly. Our contractors provide everything from power washing and cleaning services to staining to ensure your deck is of the utmost quality year-round. 

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Deck Repair

If your deck has seen better days or is suffering from severe damage, our team at Reliable Handyman Services recommends scheduling a deck repair service. The last thing you want is to have a family member, house guest, or pet become injured due to a cracked deck frame or missing wood planks. Instead of letting nature take over your favorite spot to entertain, give our experts a call to repair your deck before it’s too late. When the structure of a deck is compromised, it doesn’t take long for the wood to deteriorate beyond repair. To avoid spending thousands of dollars on replacement services, schedule a simple repair for a quarter of the cost.

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Deck Installation

If you’ve always dreamed of adding a deck around your family home for the perfect entertainment space, this is your sign to get started! At Reliable Handyman Services, we have years of experience providing expert deck installation services for residential homes in the Springfield, IL area. Our contractors will help you choose the design, wood type, finish, and size of your desired deck to give you the outdoor space you’ve always wanted. Not only will our deck installation services help add to the aesthetic of your home, but they will also boost the value of your property and create the perfect space for years of memories. To start your deck installation project, contact us today.

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Deck Refinishing Services

If your deck is suffering from sun stains or has faded due to years of use and weather exposure, our team at Reliable Handyman Services in Springfield, IL offers deck refinishing services. With a wide variety of quality stains to choose from, our customers can personalize the color and wood finish of their deck to have it look new. Over time, your deck can begin to lighten or stain, making the surface unattractive and even posing safety risks if not taken care of. Thankfully, our contractors have years of experience providing deck refinishing services to homes and wood surfaces of all sizes and shapes. To schedule a deck refinishing service, contact our team today.